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Intarsia Patterns

Whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced at working with timber you will find many good ideas and original patterns. Our Intarsia Patterns have a unique "Down Under" feel. They come in 3 levels of difficulty.

  • Easy Peasy - Beginners start here.
  • Fun - Familiar with the Intarsia concept? Try these.
  • Challenging - These patterns are much more, umh, challenging.

Easy Sculpture

Carving without Chisels

If you thought it was too hard to create your own sculpture - think again!!

Use your scrollsaw and sander with these worksheets and amaze yourself. You can pretend that you carved it, we won't mind!

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Lazy Koala Intarsia Pattern

Our first attempt at this design was much more fair dinkum; he had a bottle in his hand instead of the gum leaves. A bottle of eucalyptus juice you understand.

Certainly not XXXX.

(For those non-Queenslanders, Fourex is one of our popular beers. So called because locals can't spell beer.)

We have made and sold many Lazy Koalas so this plan is particularly detailed.

The background sky, the tree, the leaves and the koala are all made separately. They are then glued on top of each other. This not only simplifies the construction process but also adds to the 3D effect.

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Ebonizing and bleaching wood t...

This article is taken from my book "Intarsia Down Under". Just one of the many tips and tricks that you will find throughout this informative intarsia bible. The most difficult...

Dolphin Family

Anne asked me about the positioning of the dolphins in the surf so I've taken a series of photos of the finished intarsia from the sides. Hope these help.
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