Cute and cuddly. Perfect for the kids

Pets Patterns


What little girl wouldn't like this beautiful kitten inlaid into their bedhead?

Or you could use that butterfly as a fridge magnet.

Contrasting colours will make the stripes stand out.

Next time I will use brighter colours for the flutterbye.

This comprehensive, full size, pattern will take...

This Pup is ready to go marching down the street.

A straight forward project that benefits from careful timber selection. With a bit of imagination timbers with an "oaky" grain enhance this pups hairy coat.

If you make this project in combination with the Gentle Foal you can set up a nice intarsia with the pup holding the foals lead in its...


This doleful Puppy Dog really, really wants to play with you. Won't somebody throw the ball for me?

A small intarsia with some challenging bits around the face.

It would be very easy to simplify the design by using a plain ball.

But those huge ears are so strokeable.

Lots of construction details on this...

Cute and fluffy Ducklings are everybodies favourites. And these are as cute and fluffy as they come.

I often talk about the importance of contrasting colours when making intarsia. If I made these again I think I would use red petals even if they are supposed to be daisies.

The front duckling can be made as a very easy standalone project.



This Puss in Boot is just to prove that we can do cute as well as anyone else.

With this sort of design you really want the kitten to stand out from its background, the boot. So use down beat colours for the footware and bright colours for the kitty cat.

I drilled holes through the boot and threaded some leather laces.


Two for the price of one! If you like Kittens this is the project for you.

The Standing Kitten is the simpler of the two and ideal for a beginner to intarsia.

The Tabby Kitten has a little more detail and is rated ""intermediate"" difficulty. That much more satisfying!

 But a pretty cute pair that will look great hanging on your wall


These Bunnies are an easy place to start your intarsia adventure.

This design has two levels of difficulty (easyculty!!). Easy and easier.



A fairly straightforward intarsia project but it does benefit from careful timber selection.

I know the black and white image isn't a lot...


A cute thumb sucking Teddy with a turned up nose. And all ready with a heart for his lover, ooopps, friend.

A very straightforward project that is bound to be every child's delight. What little girl wouldn't like one of these teddies inlaid into their bedhead?

And the eyes are easy. Stick them on top of the head just like a real...

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