The sleek shapes of the denizens of the deep make excellent projects

Marine Patterns


Possibly one of the most daunting aspects of carving Dolphins is the initial process of roughing out, in other words taking away the bits that don't look like a dolphin.

These worksheets elegantly overcome this problem by showing you how to laminate together a series of profiles that automatically give you the basic shape.

You are then instructed through the process of stock removal, shaping,...


These Angel Fish are one of my favourite projects.

Much of the impact of this great design relies on the contrast between the colours...


This is the design that gives you the most bangs per buck. And it only has two contrasting timbers. Okay three, if you count the eyes.

Intarsia doesn't come any simpler than this but just look at what you end up with.

A 3D wooden sculpture that is 30 inches long straight off the plan.

You make Dad, Mum and baby separately...


Dolphins are perennial favourites and this Dolphin Family leaping through the waves is always very popular.

The stream-lined dolphin shape makes for very...


These worksheets have been developed as a simple method of introducing you to the process of carving this attractive pair of Whales. By...


Leaping from the sea this Marlin makes you want to save up for a big game fishing holiday in North Queensland.

As with the dolphins and the shark the streamlined shapes of these denizens of the ocean make for an easy intarsia project.

Double cutting makes short work of that long centre join.


The wind in your hair, a good boat under your feet, vomit on the decks. If this is the life for you then...


Now what should we call a design that is a fish with a lot of spots? I know! Why don't we call it the Spotty Fish. And who said marketing was difficult?

Just 34 pieces makes for an easy project. Apart from the 83 spots that is. I can't believe it has that many. You're right, this one doesn't. Only 61 on...

Let's design a Shark that will strike dread into the hearts of all who see it hanging on the wall.

Or let's not.

This Shark has just a glimmer of a smile. While not exactly cute it's not that scary either.

A quite friendly, but I probably wouldn't want to stroke it, kind of terror of the deep.

This is not a...

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