These are a step up from Easy Peasy and should be more fun!

Fun Patterns


This dramatic design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

It is made up of 4 separate layers each of which is easy to make but combine to make a stunning intarsia.

  • The man himself. Those sunnies avoid any intricate detail around the eyes as well as making him look "real cool"
  • Handlebars, fuel tank and engine...

The "official" title is Backyard Contemplation but we just call it The Dunny. Aussies will understand this.

This striking and very popular design is a cross between intarsia and model making.

Our first attempt didn't have an occupant. Very boring with just the shed and the chickens.

The pattern and instructions guide you through making the background and then gluing the following...


This design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

The face is cut from one piece of timber which is divided up to give all those wrinkles. As they were cut from one piece of timber they will all fit back together again beautifully.

The perfect joins between the different coloured woods in the beard are done with...


These Angel Fish are one of my favourite projects.

Much of the impact of this great design relies on the contrast between the colours...


Sanding this young lady was a pleasure. Hence the name. Sandy.

The plan shows a short haired version as well.

I blew the plan up and made a large one that certainly attracts attention at exhibitions.

Although we don't sell so many to male woodworkers when their partners are looking over their shoulder.

You will only need 2 shades of timber for...

This is another of our popular gallery designs. We have sold many finished Cockys through high class timber galleries around Australia.

And so could you. If you would like to make a little money from your intarsia this is definitely one of the designs you should look at.

Again a detailed pattern that takes you through the construction process step by step.

This intarsia Friendly Frog looks very happy sitting on his leaf with the raindrops.

To ease construction the frog and leaf are made separately. The frog is then glued on top of the leaf. Too easy and it really adds to the 3D effect.

And you will only need about 6 different timber colours. Using different timbers for the frog will make...


This Tree Frog is one of our most popular designs.

The big smile, the bulgy eyes and the dangling leg all combine to...


What little girl wouldn't like this beautiful kitten inlaid into their bedhead?

Or you could use that butterfly as a fridge magnet.

Contrasting colours will make the stripes stand out.

Next time I will use brighter colours for the flutterbye.

This comprehensive, full size, pattern will take...


Also known as the Bushman's Clock which you will understand if you have heard them calling in the morning.

This has been one of my most successful designs. I've made a lot of this intarsia and sold a lot. Consequently this pattern is particularly detailed.

The bird is made separately and glued on top of the branch and frame.


A distinguished Aussie Elder outlined against the setting sun.

A beautiful study in the use of light and shade. Who would think that light forehead and nose would work on this subject. But it does. The advantage of working on the design with a true artist

Although there seem to be a large number of pieces it's not that bad. Much of...


This doleful Puppy Dog really, really wants to play with you. Won't somebody throw the ball for me?

A small intarsia with some challenging bits around the face.

It would be very easy to simplify the design by using a plain ball.

But those huge ears are so strokeable.

Lots of construction details on this...

This is one of Australia's lesser known, but extremely attractive, marsupials.

The Numbat or Banded Anteater is the faunal emblem of the state of Western Australia.

The stripes and the fluffy tail are both easy to replicate with intarsia. Double cutting makes short work of those stripes.

I remember being very pleasantly surprised after completing the first prototype. It had worked out...
The kangaroo paw is the floral emblem of the state of Western Australia. It is an unusual plant with bright red stalks and green flowers.

But not in this intarsia where I have used natural timber colours. Green coloured wood I don't know about.

Layered construction simplifies the project and gives it a nice 3D feel.

Glue the flowers and stalk on...


This Puss in Boot is just to prove that we can do cute as well as anyone else.

With this sort of design you really want the kitten to stand out from its background, the boot. So use down beat colours for the footware and bright colours for the kitty cat.

I drilled holes through the boot and threaded some leather laces.

This intarsia Antique Pistol is surprisingly realistic.

Hold it in your hand and you can almost believe you are a highwayman.

And you will only need 3 different timber colours. Contrasting colours make for a more dramatic effect.

Notes on the plan guide you through the construction.

Even making those wooden screw heads is simple when you know how.


They used to say that Australia rode on the sheeps back. Specifically Merino sheep that have white wool.

So this multi-coloured example must be another breed. Not a Merino.

A great project for using up all those odds and sods of left over timber pieces..

Use as many different timber colours as you can. Including some dark ones for contrast

This project...

In Western Australia they call these a Bungarra.

You haven't had a decent trip to the bush unless you've been chased by one.

Although there is some detail around the hands and feet it's not as bad as it first seems. The hands and feet are cut out of one piece of wood so everything fits back together again easily.

The background...


A fairly straightforward intarsia project but it does benefit from careful timber selection.

I know the black and white image isn't a lot...

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