Birds, animals, people and scenes that are all uniquely Australian

Australiana Patterns


This dramatic design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

It is made up of 4 separate layers each of which is easy to make but combine to make a stunning intarsia.

  • The man himself. Those sunnies avoid any intricate detail around the eyes as well as making him look "real cool"
  • Handlebars, fuel tank and engine...

This design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

The face is cut from one piece of timber which is divided up to give all those wrinkles. As they were cut from one piece of timber they will all fit back together again beautifully.

The perfect joins between the different coloured woods in the beard are done with...

What person wouldn't love to have this Pumpkin Cottage hanging on the wall of the kitchen?.

A challenging project but by building it in layers it is not quite so difficult as it may first appear.

Make a picture frame and place the background in it.

Glue the completed cottage on top of the background. Then make separately

  • flowers
  • grass
  • ...
This Koala Dad is one of the simplest of the nine projects included in the book Intarsia Down Under.



Wombats are nocturnal so this old fellow is relaxing in the light of the moon. Hence the dark sky and the bright orb...


Up North to us antipodeans but South Pacific to the rest of the world.

Intarsia is much easier and more effective if it is built in layers rather than in-laying the foreground bits into the background bits. Easy is good.

So following this principle the palm trees are stuck on top of the sky.

This design will give you the opportunity to...

This is a beautiful design that never fails to get gasps of amazement when people (potential customers?) see it for the first time.

This design also uses layering which makes it a lot easier than it looks.

The layers are made separately and glued on top of each other.

  • The mirror frame. This...

Also known as the Bushman's Clock which you will understand if you have heard them calling in the morning.

This has been one of my most successful designs. I've made a lot of this intarsia and sold a lot. Consequently this pattern is particularly detailed.

The bird is made separately and glued on top of the branch and frame.

The largest Parrot in Australia living in the Cape York peninsula and parts of New Guinea.

The actual colours of a real life Palm Cockatoo are very dark grey or black with crimson cheeks.

I've taken a few artistic liberties with the colours. And you can too. With any of the designs. Just don't forget that contrast is good.

One of our...


This is one of Australia's lesser known, but extremely attractive, marsupials.

The Numbat or Banded Anteater is the faunal emblem of the state of Western Australia.

The stripes and the fluffy tail are both easy to replicate with intarsia. Double cutting makes short work of those stripes.

I remember being very pleasantly surprised after completing the first prototype. It had worked out...

A distinguished Aussie Elder outlined against the setting sun.

A beautiful study in the use of light and shade. Who would think that light forehead and nose would work on this subject. But it does. The advantage of working on the design with a true artist

Although there seem to be a large number of pieces it's not that bad. Much of...

Now you are up to five different timbers and a little more detail in this design.

But this is still a project that even...

The kangaroo paw is the floral emblem of the state of Western Australia. It is an unusual plant with bright red stalks and green flowers.

But not in this intarsia where I have used natural timber colours. Green coloured wood I don't know about.

Layered construction simplifies the project and gives it a nice 3D feel.

Glue the flowers and stalk on...

In Western Australia they call these a Bungarra.

You haven't had a decent trip to the bush unless you've been chased by one.

Although there is some detail around the hands and feet it's not as bad as it first seems. The hands and feet are cut out of one piece of wood so everything fits back together again easily.

The background...

A fellow Aussie is making one of these life size, 5ft long, and leaning it against the wall of his verandah so he will always have company when he is enjoying his sundowner after a hard days work.

This Dechchair Kangaroo project, included in the book Intarsia Down Under, introduces the idea of using the third dimension in intarsia.

This is as...

This Flying Kangaroo is the first, and simplest, project out of the nine designs included in the book Intarsia Down Under.

All the individual pieces can be cut out of one larger piece of timber which guarantees that everything fits together beautifully.

This downloadable plan is a complete chapter from my book 'Intarsia Down Under' and includes a full size pattern...
Our first attempt at this design was much more fair dinkum; he had a bottle in his hand instead of the gum leaves. A bottle of eucalyptus juice you understand.

Certainly not XXXX.

(For those non-Queenslanders, Fourex is one of our popular beers. So called because locals can't spell beer.)

We have made and sold many Lazy Koalas so this plan is...