From magnificent eagles down to cute little ducklings

Bird Patterns

This is another of our popular gallery designs. We have sold many finished Cockys through high class timber galleries around Australia.

And so could you. If you would like to make a little money from your intarsia this is definitely one of the designs you should look at.

Again a detailed pattern that takes you through the construction process step by step.


A full grown bird is about 1metre (1 yard) long. The largest bird of prey in Australia.

This design looks spectacular when blown...


Also known as the Bushman's Clock which you will understand if you have heard them calling in the morning.

This has been one of my most successful designs. I've made a lot of this intarsia and sold a lot. Consequently this pattern is particularly detailed.

The bird is made separately and glued on top of the branch and frame.

The largest Parrot in Australia living in the Cape York peninsula and parts of New Guinea.

The actual colours of a real life Palm Cockatoo are very dark grey or black with crimson cheeks.

I've taken a few artistic liberties with the colours. And you can too. With any of the designs. Just don't forget that contrast is good.

One of our...

There's nothing quite so relaxing as watching Ducks swimming on a pond. Or on your wall.

Of the 37 pieces many are cut out of one piece of timber. So initially you only have to fit 13 pieces together

Then cut some of the larger bits into many smaller bits.

Full details and instructions, as always, are included on the pattern.

The kangaroo paw is the floral emblem of the state of Western Australia. It is an unusual plant with bright red stalks and green flowers.

But not in this intarsia where I have used natural timber colours. Green coloured wood I don't know about.

Layered construction simplifies the project and gives it a nice 3D feel.

Glue the flowers and stalk on...


Cute and fluffy Ducklings are everybodies favourites. And these are as cute and fluffy as they come.

I often talk about the importance of contrasting colours when making intarsia. If I made these again I think I would use red petals even if they are supposed to be daisies.

The front duckling can be made as a very easy standalone project.