From small frogs and geckos to large elephants and champion bulls

Animal Patterns


What little girl wouldn't just love to have this Horse's Head hanging on her wall. Or inlaid into her bedhead.

You will need half a dozen different timbers. Apart from a little detail around the eyes and the mane you will find this a straightforward project.

Alternative methods of construction for both the scrollsaw and the bandsaw are shown in detail on...

Intarsia designs don't come much cuter than this little fellow.

Curled up nice and warm this Fox Cub is a very straightforward project with just a little detail around the eyes and nose.

You can easily straighten those ragged edges on the ears.

All the instructions you...

Now everyone can imagine they are living in the tropics with a Gecko on the wall.

Only two contrasting timbers and off you go.

Use "double cutting", fully explained in our book "Intarsia Down Under", for a perfect centre join.

 A rolled up piece of sandpaper makes short work of the gaps...

This intarsia Friendly Frog looks very happy sitting on his leaf with the raindrops.

To ease construction the frog and leaf are made separately. The frog is then glued on top of the leaf. Too easy and it really adds to the 3D effect.

And you will only need about 6 different timber colours. Using different timbers for the frog will make...


This Tree Frog is one of our most popular designs.

The big smile, the bulgy eyes and the dangling leg all combine to...


They used to say that Australia rode on the sheeps back. Specifically Merino sheep that have white wool.

So this multi-coloured example must be another breed. Not a Merino.

A great project for using up all those odds and sods of left over timber pieces..

Use as many different timber colours as you can. Including some dark ones for contrast

This project...

In tropical Australia, Bos Indicus reigns, due to their resistance to ticks and other hot weather nasties. Large ears are typical of these breeds.

As with many of our designs this proud fellow is built in layers.

First the picture frame containing the background. I used veneer for the sky.

Then the body is glued on top of the sky inside the...

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