From Hollywood to the outback you'll find a great range of characters

People Patterns


This dramatic design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

It is made up of 4 separate layers each of which is easy to make but combine to make a stunning intarsia.

  • The man himself. Those sunnies avoid any intricate detail around the eyes as well as making him look "real cool"
  • Handlebars, fuel tank and engine...

The "official" title is Backyard Contemplation but we just call it The Dunny. Aussies will understand this.

This striking and very popular design is a cross between intarsia and model making.

Our first attempt didn't have an occupant. Very boring with just the shed and the chickens.

The pattern and instructions guide you through making the background and then gluing the following...


This design is a lot easier than it may look at first glance.

The face is cut from one piece of timber which is divided up to give all those wrinkles. As they were cut from one piece of timber they will all fit back together again beautifully.

The perfect joins between the different coloured woods in the beard are done with...


One of the most daunting aspects of figure carving is the initial process of roughing out, ie. establishing the correct proportion, form and shape of the anatomy.

This construction method, involving the laminating together of a series of profiles, overcomes this difficulty by establishing the proportion and form for you.

Full size patterns are supplied for each profile needed to craft this...

The King when he was in his prime. The next intarsia may be a fat, bloated, white suited 40 year old.

The detail around the eyes and mouth is a challenge. But a lear is a lear and you got to get it looking good baby.

Dark hair is mandatory even taking into account artistic licence. A blonde Elvis just won't work....


Sanding this young lady was a pleasure. Hence the name. Sandy.

The plan shows a short haired version as well.

I blew the plan up and made a large one that certainly attracts attention at exhibitions.

Although we don't sell so many to male woodworkers when their partners are looking over their shoulder.

You will only need 2 shades of timber for...


Making those legs was one of my highlights for the year. But then I need to get a life.

For Charlie Chaplin you will need lots of dark timber but Marilyn is much brighter.

I used two different light timbers for her dress. One for the lining and one for the outside material.

Her tanned legs contrast nicely with the dress material....


Recognising the difficulty in sculpting the human form these worksheets provide a simple method for you to create a reclining figure where the...


A distinguished Aussie Elder outlined against the setting sun.

A beautiful study in the use of light and shade. Who would think that light forehead and nose would work on this subject. But it does. The advantage of working on the design with a true artist

Although there seem to be a large number of pieces it's not that bad. Much of...

This is a challenging piece. Probably the most challenging of all the designs you will find here.

Having said that, it is also the...

Mo Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns

Harry Van der Sluice took the stage name Roy Rene when he entered the world of Australian...