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Eagle Intarsia Pattern

Eagle Intarsia Pattern

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A full grown bird is about 1metre (1 yard) long. The largest bird of prey in Australia.

This design looks spectacular when blown up to life size.

All those feathers in the wings aren't as difficult to make as you may first think. Adjoining feathers of the same colour are initially cut out of one piece. These few large pieces of wood are fitted together to make the whole wing. Only then are they divided up into the individual feathers.

Still a fair amount of work to finish it off but well worth the effort.

But don't take our word, check out some of our Customer's Finished Eagle Projects.

The very detailed plan will take you step by step through the construction process.

Finished Intarsia Size:
500mm x 600mm (20"" x 24"")

Number of Pieces:

Plan Size:
A2 420mm x 594mm (17"" x 24"")

This is a small section of the very detailed computer drawn plan that will guide you through the construction process

Some Sample Timbers used in this piece




She Oak


Use these samples as a guide to colours only. You should use wood that you can easily obtain locally.

The pattern includes detailed guidelines on choosing suitable timbers. Need more timber colours? Check out our guide to Ebonizing and Bleaching Timber here.

All our patterns now available as instant downloads.

  • Available as soon as payment is confirmed and you save on postage. Start work in a few minutes.
  • Download is in PDF format.  You will need a PDF reader installed on  your computer to open it. 
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