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Double Sided Intarsia

I often get asked what I use for the backing of my intarsia projects. In my case the answer is plywood. In Ian Christie's case the answer is nothing. On the left is the front of his intarsia. On the right is the smooth back. I asked Ian about the different coloured noses on the front and back views of this Swaggy. He'd chosen a piece of wood that had heartwood on one end and light coloured sapwood at the other end. From the point of view of contrast I much prefer the back view. Along with the lighter cheeks...

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One Man's Prolific Output

Terry recently sent me a few photos of his work. Well, more than a few really, 60 photos. That's right, sixty. The quality of some of the photos is not the best (sorry Terry, I've tried to improve them as much as I could) but they will give you a good idea of the range of subjects available for intarsia. This motor bike is a beauty. I wish I'd designed it. You can see the rest of Terry's images here.

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Lots of New Intarsia Addicts after another Mackay Workshop

Local intarsia enthusiast Tom Lynn has been busy enthusing the Mackay Woodworkers club about Intarsia. There were a couple more students as well and they all made Lazy Koalas. Tom lives locally and has been making intarsia for many years. I've been meaning to start up intarsia classes but never got around to it. It took someone like Tom to actually do it. He's traveled to Mackay a few times to hold classes for members of their local woodworking club, most of whom had never previously made any intarsia. Check out some of their work here.

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