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A Fishy Video

I've just found a great online resource for creating video slideshows. What do you think? Create your own video slideshow at

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Sculpture with a Scroll Saw - Is It Possible? Yes It Is.

Marc sent me this photo of his work last year. I've lost Marc's email, sorry mate, but saved the images because they look so good. Click here to see both the photos Marc sent. He has taken one of the dolphins from the Dolphin Sculpture Plan and mounted it on its own base using a perspex rod. Too easy and looks wonderful. So how did Marc make this just with a scroll saw? Well he did have to use a few other basic tools very similar to making intarsia projects. A drill and a sander but not much else. I'm...

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Persian Pyrography

It's not often I get emails from what used to be Persia and is now Iran. Five years I got one from Mastanah Shakibi who was enthusiastic about intarsia and asked me some woodwork questions. Emails have been flowing between Australia and Iran ever since. Most of the woodworkers I deal with are mature gentlemen. Not all by any means but the majority. Guys getting around to doing all that stuff they never had time for when they were working. Now my knowledge of the Farsi language is non existent so I'd just assumed that Mastanah was a male name....

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