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Customer has a Great New Woodworking Idea

Julie-Anne runs a local business making cakes for special occasions. It seems to be quite successful and keeping her busy. A recent request was for a 80th birthday cake for a sailor. She had tried to make an anchor from icing sugar but it kept collapsing. So she contacted me for a wooden one. This gave me an idea. Julie-Anne wanted a hole drilled into the top of the wooden anchor which I had simply cut out of a solid piece of timber with my band saw. She was going to thread some string through the hole and wrap it...

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Scroll Saw Blades - What You Should Know

Chris sounds as if he's on a steep learning curve with his scroll saw. Hi Steve,Got the computer for my 60th and the scroll saw for my 61st (Oct). Can't manage either but think the computer might be easier. Keep breaking blades and can't cut a straight line, practice, practice, practice. Have ordered a few books from library so that will help.Your work is fantastic.RegardsChris I suspect he's using the wrong blades. These are the blades I've tried. An assortment of blades that I've collected from around the workshop.As you can see, blades ain't blades. A few things to look for. Pinned...

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Drum Sanders for Easy Dolphin Sanding

I've just received this question from Ron who's working on the dolphin bookends.I have just cut out the Dolphin book ends, and can you or any of your colleagues tell me how other than wrapping sandpaper around my finger to try and get the dolphins to look rounded.Yours Sincerely.RonGood question, Ron. This is how I do it. Fingers are good if a little slow. These cheap drum sanders that fit your bench grinder are much quicker.  Drum Sanders on a Bench Grinder I set up this bench grinder with a pneumatic drum sander on the left hand end and a...

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