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Halloween Intarsia Woodworking Project - Perpetual Sailing Trophy

I recently made some sailing trophies for a sailing club in Florida. They also want a perpetual sailing trophy for an upcoming regatta they call the Halloween Howler. Could I design something based on their regatta logo? This is what I came up with. Here it is in its full glory. This is a computer generated mock-up. The real one won't materialise until the club agrees to the final design. It will be standard intarsia construction although I'll use solid timber for the backing board rather than plywood. As it's free standing the back of the trophy is in full...

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Halloween intarsia woodworking project

I've never been a fan of mixing natural timber intarsia and paint. I always though the paint distracted from the natural timber colours. Best avoided. Until now. Pat recently sent me his version of my Backyard Contemplation project. Pat wrote, "I thought I would send you my version of the old man on the dunny. Stuck a bit of art and humour in there. The grandkids like it.!!!!" Here it is in all it's glory.  I was given this about 10 years ago and never really liked it. The woodworker thought I should add it as one of my plans...

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Elvis Rules Intarsia Woodworking

Danny from Ohio has just sent me some photos of his work including his version of Elvis. Having done my own Elvis intarsia pattern it was a delight to see his take on this rock-n-roll icon. Just look at those side burns! Danny has captured the essence of Elvis. The hair, the high collar and wide sleeves are just perfect. The stars are unusual. Did the King have a suit like this? And it looks as if Danny has inlaid the stars into the jacket. Wow. I'd have been tempted to take the easy way out and glue thin stars...

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