Customer has a Great New Woodworking Idea

Julie-Anne runs a local business making cakes for special occasions. It seems to be quite successful and keeping her busy.

A recent request was for a 80th birthday cake for a sailor. She had tried to make an anchor from icing sugar but it kept collapsing. So she contacted me for a wooden one.

This gave me an idea.

Julie-Anne wanted a hole drilled into the top of the wooden anchor which I had simply cut out of a solid piece of timber with my band saw. She was going to thread some string through the hole and wrap it around the timber anchor. The whole thing was then going to be stuck into the top of the cake.

Could I use this idea to create a cheap sailing trophy that I could market through my sailing trophy web site? Yes I could.

Anchor Sailing Trophy and Award

With the vertical bit sitting on top of the two cross pieces there is room to wrap a nice length of white cord around the anchor.

The anchor is glued on to a backing , in this case a nice piece of silky oak which is slotted into the base so the whole sailing award is free standing.

So now all I've got to do is sell some of these new sailing awards. I've yet to add it to the trophies web site but I reckon it might go okay. We shall see what we shall see.

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