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Exporting Woodwork to Finland

A few years ago I would have laughed at you if you'd suggested that the boss, bless her little cotton socks, and I could have created an export business out of our humble home in the Australian bush. But a couple of days ago we sent our first timber sailing trophy to Finland. And here it is. The Finnish sailing club sails trimarans and catamarans which I've tried to depict in timber. I also made their club logo out of different coloured woods. Which is where my experience with intarsia comes in. You can see their actual club logo here.   And this...

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Customer's Photo Gallery

I've just completed scanning and uploading over 160 photos of intarsia projects made by my customers. The photos have been sent to me over the last few years and it's about time they saw the light of day. Most of them are of Fantastic Woodworking projects but I've also included a Customer's Original Designs Gallery. This gallery will give you an idea what other woodworkers out there are getting up to. Some of the designs are fabulous. Some only so-so. But all are interesting. I've also included a gallery of my Experimental Intarsia Projects. Some are quite good and I...

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