Elvis Rules Intarsia Woodworking

Elvis Presley Intarsia Woodworking Pattern






Danny from Ohio has just sent me some photos of his work including his version of Elvis.
Having done my own Elvis intarsia pattern it was a delight to see his take on this rock-n-roll icon.

Just look at those side burns!

Elvis Presley Intarsia Woodworking PatternDanny has captured the essence of Elvis. The hair, the high collar and wide sleeves are just perfect.

The stars are unusual. Did the King have a suit like this? And it looks as if Danny has inlaid the stars into the jacket. Wow. I'd have been tempted to take the easy way out and glue thin stars on top of the jacket.

A couple of minor criticisms. The edges aren't rounded over as much as I would have done. You can see this on the sleeve of his right arm and on his left shoulder. I try to make them a little more realistic. But not a deal breaker. I still love it.

Such a great piece of woodwork deserves a decent photograph. Some lights and a tripod would have really made a difference. But, obviously, this doesn't change what it looks like in real life.

Danny also sent me some other images. It's good to see that he is a fan of the Aussie Bush Ranger. Who, admittedly, looks remarkably like an American cowboy.Aussie Bush Ranger Intarsia Woodworking Pattern 

And I'd no idea that woodworkers in the USA knew about the rare Australian Tiger.

Tiger Intarsia Woodworking pattern And finally here are some of Danny's other work hanging on a wall of his workshop.


Thanks for the photos, Danny. I've enjoyed them.

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