One of the most daunting aspects of figure carving is the initial process of roughing out, ie. establishing the correct proportion, form and shape of the anatomy.

This construction method, involving the laminating together of a series of profiles, overcomes this difficulty by establishing the proportion and form for you.

Full size patterns are supplied for each profile needed to craft this...


Possibly one of the most daunting aspects of carving Dolphins is the initial process of roughing out, in other words taking away the bits that don't look like a dolphin.

These worksheets elegantly overcome this problem by showing you how to laminate together a series of profiles that automatically give you the basic shape.

You are then instructed through the process of stock removal, shaping,...


Recognising the difficulty in sculpting the human form these worksheets provide a simple method for you to create a reclining figure where the...


These worksheets have been developed as a simple method of introducing you to the process of carving this attractive pair of Whales. By...


The Spitfire, is considered a design classic. It's aggressive shark like profile and the distinctive silhouette of its curved and forward set wings make it easily recognisable even after 80 years.

So what we are interested in for this project are those characteristics of the plane that have made it achieve this design status. To this end, the only additions to the...

The Formula 1 Racing Car is the ultimate speed machine, its aggressive low slung body and aerodynamic fuselage give it an almost animal like appearance.

This sculpture worksheet includes

  • 14 pages of comprehensive step by step instructions
  • Full size patterns
  • Detailed diagrams
  • Material list
  • Making wheels without a lathe

This project is specially designed for the complete novice. You don't...


Sculpture Patterns That Make Wood Carving Just Too Easy

Like me you may never have taken up sculpture thinking it was just too hard.

Until now.

This young lady is my first attempt at a Torso. I made it using patterns and worksheets from the talented Australian sculptor/carver John Van Der Kolk. His unique system opens up wood sculpture to the complete beginner.

One of the most difficult challenges for the novice wood sculptor/carver is being faced with a block of wood and having to start chipping away.

These unique woodworking sculpture patterns take care of the initial, difficult step of roughing out.

You are just left with some fairly easy finishing off.

To give you a bit of an idea how this innovative system works here is a brief guide to making the torso.

All these designs make use of a simple pattern making technique to produce a series of profiles. (Full size patterns for each profile are included).


Cut Out Profiles

Sculpture patterns torso templates The worksheets come with full size patterns for each profile. Glue photocopies onto a 19mm dressed board, species of your choice. I used Red Cedar (Toona Australis). These profiles can be cut out with either a:-

fret saw, jig saw, scrollsaw or bandsaw


Drill Profiles

Using a simple home made jig, one piece of wood with two holes, drill a pair of holes in all but the top 3 profiles.

3Make Base

2 holes and 2 dowels in one piece of wood make a temporary base.

  • Slip the profiles over the dowels.
  • Remove the paper before gluing.

No holes in the top 3 profiles. We don’t want the nice lady to have dowels sticking out of her shoulders do we?

One of the many useful instructional diagrams that are included in the work sheets.


Glue Stack

Remove the paper templates and glue the layers together.



Using an Arbotech mini-grinder to shape the torso.You can use a number of tools for carving the steps smooth. Coarse sandpaper on a rubber backed disc on an angle grinder or on a drill

one of the angle grinder carving disc combinations. eg Arbotech Removing the steps, quickly reveals the underlying shape. A bit of sanding, okay, a fair amount of sanding later and Roberts your aunty.

I hope that gave you a good idea as to how this unique and original sculpting system works.

The worksheets will give you all the details you need to produce a remarkable piece of timber art.

Worksheets for all these projects include full size patterns and detailed step by step instructions that take you through the whole process from buying the timber to finishing off.

When you make your first sculpture you will love the ease with which you will be able to sculpt such a magnificent piece of work. All your friends will be amazed that you have been able to produce something so good.

These comprehensive plans are a cheap way to find out how to produce a sculpture that could be sold for hundreds of dollars.