EasyPeasy Patterns

These are the easy ones for those of you who are just starting out!

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Fun Patterns

These are a step up from Easy Peasy and should be more fun!

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Challenging Patterns

If you are up for a challenge, then you've come to the right place!

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Marine Patterns

The sleek shapes of the denizens of the deep make excellent projects.

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Bird Patterns

From magnificent eagles down to cute little ducklings.

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People Patterns

From Hollywood to the outback you'll find a great range of characters.

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Animal Patterns

From small frogs and geckos to large elephants and champion bulls.

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Boys Toys Patterns

Things that go bang and stuff that goes fast.

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Australiana Patterns

Birds, animals, people and scenes that are all uniquely Australian.

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Pets Patterns

Cute and cuddly. Perfect for the kids.

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Patterns are available as PDF Downloads only!

The advantage of buying your patterns as a PDF Download is that you can download it within minutes and start your Intarsia project TODAY!

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Intarsia patterns

Intarsia Woodworking Patterns are a great way to turn your scrap timber into exclusive artwork that will amaze your friends.

A cheap scroll saw or band saw will get you going.
You'll need some sand paper. Attached to something that rotates.