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To watch a video of me talking about these projects whilst a naked lady sits on my knee click here

Intarsia Patterns

Whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced at working with timber you will find many good ideas and original patterns.

Our Intarsia Patterns have a unique "Down Under" feel. They come in 3 levels of difficulty.

  • Easy Peasy - Beginners start here.
  • Fun - Familiar with the Intarsia concept? Try these.
  • Challenging - These patterns are much more, umh, challenging.


Easy Sculptures

Carving without Chisels

If you thought it was too hard to create your own sculpture - think again!!

Use your scrollsaw and sander with these worksheets and amaze yourself. You can pretend that you carved it, we won't mind!

Easy Sculpture Patterns.

All You Need to Know to

Get Started with Intarsia

Intarsia Down Under

Intasria - How to Book

This book will not only teach you the art of Intarsia, but also includes 9 Patterns to get you started.

"Intarsia Down Under" Book

Want to sell your finished work worldwide?

This is how we went from selling our finished work at local outlets to creating our own global market.

Fantastic Sailing Trophies

Original woodworking projects that look so good no one will believe you made them yourself.

Some of the amazing Intarsia designs for you to make on this web site.

Click on the thumbails for a slideshow.

A typical friendly Aussie Bikie. One of the designs in my book Intarsia Down UnderSay the word Chaplin and the world knows who you are talking aboutIf we had a pet kangaroo and a spare deck chair on the verandah and he liked beer...
Some designs work, some don't. This one definitely does. Egret Mirror.Lots of the designs could have a clock or a barometer added. Lazy Koala.I know she is Marilyn. Youngsters have mistaken her for Madonna.
I call her Sandy because I enjoyed sanding her.Elephants make for a great design. Charging out of the frame.Elvis. Do I need to say more?
A peaceful bush scene. From the Pumpkin Cottage design.I've made more of this design than any other. Universally popular. Tree Frog.In Australia these are called dunnys. But we call the design Backyard Contemplation. How pompous of us.
Australias largest bird. The wedge Tailed Eagle.And these old fellows are called swaggies. Another design from my book Intarsia Down Under.Pacific island paradise. The design is called Up North.

Latest Blog Posts

Dolphin Family

Steve Bundred - Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Anne asked me about the positioning of the dolphins in the surf so I've taken a series of photos of the finished intarsia from the sides. Hope these help. Read More......

The Best Free Elephant Intarsia Project

Steve Bundred - Thursday, March 14, 2013

I get to see lots of customer's intarsia projects. Of varying quality!

So it's a real pleasure when Ray took one of my free designs and improved it by adding a simple frame and contrasting timber colours.

That used timber frame looks stunning.I especially like the inclusion of the old bolt holes, although I'm not sure if I would have spaced them symmetrically on either side. But that's just being picky.

There are a couple of things that I'd change though.  Read More......

Halloween Intarsia Woodworking Project - Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Steve Bundred - Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween intarsia woodworking projectI recently made some sailing trophies for a sailing club in Florida. They also want a perpetual sailing trophy for an upcoming regatta they call the Halloween Howler. Could I design something based on their regatta logo?

This is what I came up with. Read More......

Dolphin Bookends Woodworking ProjectElephant Scroll Saw Woodworking ProjectThese Elephant Pattern and
Dolphin Bookend Projects
are free to download

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