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Spotty Fish makes me Money

Steve Bundred - Thursday, July 07, 2011

I've always liked this spotty fish pattern even if it hasn't been a great seller.
Spotty Fish Intarsia Marine Park Trophy Award
But, when recently, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approached me for a trophy to give to the local school that had done the most to protect our reef I decided to resurrect this design.

I put together on the computer a couple of mock-ups for them to choose from. The spotty fish and a shark flying out of the water with a palm tree in the background. Realism hasn't really been my thing?


"reefED" is the logo of the educational department. Quite clever.

But this was the mock-up they chose.


As they only had a couple of hundred dollars to spend I told them I'd have to simplify the design and it would be about 200mm (8") wide. They said okay so this is what it turned out like.

And being a government department they came up with a really snappy title for the trophy which I had to fit on one engraved plaque.

Reef Guardian School Annual Award, Fitzroy Catchment
Effort in Reef Resilience, Care and Protection
Presented by the Cap Coast Local Marine Advisory Committee (LMAC)

I use octagonal bases so the customer can add annual plaques. And the backing is slotted into the base.

And both the customer and I ended up happy and that's the main thing