Customer's Elephant Intarsia Projects

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Ron from Queensland made this very impressive version. Beautiful, rich   timbers and a nice use of contrast. I might have chosen a darker frame but   that's a minor quibble. Good one!Art used a beautiful timber for the background and great ivory looking wood for the tusks.Another little beauty as we say down under. Col won a first prize with this one. See the next slide.Actually, Col won first and second prizes for his work. Well deserved. And just to make sure you know what it is the engraved brass plaques say African Elephant.
The first of a series of 4 photos showing Geoff's construction methods.   This one clearly shows the frame, the background and the elephant's legs before the head and trunk are placed on top.Checking the fit.Just about done.This deserved a much better final photo but I'm pretty sure it ended up   pretty good!
Another great project that loses nothing by leaving out the background. Well done Bill. Fabulous   light timber for the tusks.I've lost track of who sent me this image. Sorry. But looks fine.The paler background colours allow the jumbo to stand out. Good timber choices Mike. Another Aussie   elephant.Don from the UK sent me this one. Slightly simplifird background, which is fine. Beautiful light   tusk timber.
Year 10 students from Perth College in Western Australia made these a few years ago. The girls did a   great job especially considering they worked mainly in their spare time during a busy academic term.   Amazing.Those pigs are one of my designs too. I sold out of the first print run and never got it reprinted   Maybe I should.Made by Graham from old hardwood fencingThis red timber is merbu decking. Graham
A combination of red merbu decking and old, grey hardwood fencing. GrahamYeh, I know, you've seen this one before. It's mine. But heh, it's my web site, I'll put my photos where ever I want!

If you've enjoyed these photos but think your own work is better, why not send me your images and I'll add them to a gallery.

Most of these photos were taken by woodworkers. The quality, as you will see, varies from "not too bad" to "not very good".

Taking good photos of your work is not rocket science and well worth the small amount of effort required. Your basic digital camera is fine if you get the lighting correct. Learn how with this "Taking Good Product Shots" article.

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