Customer's Bull Intarsia Projects

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Peter came up with his own design. Design is an integral   part of the whole woodworking experience so I love to see   original work. Great effort.It looks like RK from Western Australia carved the chain on   this one from timber. Good stuff.Another fine piece from Col complete with his distinctive   engraved title plaque Adds a nice touch of class.Annabelle made this while she was at school. Her parents own   a cattle property.
Another bull that's been slighly simplified by leaving off   the bridle. Still looks good.I'm not sure what timber Barry used for the sky but it looks   good.Another view of the previous slide. Yes, it is the same   piece.Alan is an accomplished intarsia maker from New South Wales   and makes many of his own designs. Just the simple change of   rounding off the bull's frame makes it distinctive.
Bill is obviously an accomplished woodworker. I wonder what   price he's got on them.An original design from Allan. This one is definitely a   bull. The next one isn't.Nothing to be ashamed about!I wonder who made this one. Ah, yes, now I remember. It was   me.

If you've enjoyed these photos but think your own work is better, why not send me your images and I'll add them to a gallery.

Most of these photos were taken by woodworkers. The quality, as you will see, varies from "not too bad" to "not very good".

Taking good photos of your work is not rocket science and well worth the small amount of effort required. Your basic digital camera is fine if you get the lighting correct. Learn how with this "Taking Good Product Shots" article.

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